Lee Snowden

It is in my distinct pleasure to tell you what an amazing realtor Lee Snowden is.

I first met lee in 03/21 when we were living in Jupiter and wanted to move to Tallahassee. We already had a prospective buyer for that home so timing was critical.

Lee made himself entirely available to us and he really listened to what we were looking for in a home. Because lee was so keenly turned into our needs, we found a home almost immediately and fell in love both with the home and the community, Killearn acres.

During this process and with much care, lee served as a guardian to ensure that our interests were always protected. With much precision, he arranged and managed the numbered and varied inspections and other criticalities and was always one step ahead!

As you know, buying a home and making a big move can be a stressful and worrisome time. Not only were we moving a great distance, we were also transitioning into my husband’s retirement and were dissolving a business that we operated for 22 years; we were pulling up stakes and selling our interests and for me relocating to a new agency for employment. We were juggling a myriad of weighty concerns and where lee and our new home were concerned, I never worried about a single facet.

Buying and selling a home reveals entire clockwork of moving parts and potential pitfalls. Lee was truly an expert in managing all the many gears, levers and ratchets. I never had a single concern and everything ran like a Swiss timepiece.

I hope you will recognize, or be reminded (as I’m sure you already know) that Lee is exemplary! He knows his area, his market, the business, and the financial details. He is motivated, highly efficient and is keenly anticipatory. What fine attributes for someone to possess in your profession!

I am especially grateful to Lee! It has truly been a pleasure to know him and to be in his care for the brief time we were. To us, there is no greater asset than having a home where you truly feel like you are indeed, at home.

With much gratitude,

Lisa W.

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