Tom Graham

Bonnie Fowler

November 10, 2017

I am writing this recommendation letter without being asked to. It’s about why I want to
strongly endorse Bonnie Fowler as the “Realtor to go to” when you need to make the hard
but critical decision of who to use, to either sell or buy your next house. I am far from the
average homeowner, and 40 year long time homeowner and business owner in Tallahassee,
Florida. I recently retired as a 25 year local Tallahassee State Farm Agent, with the largest
State Farm Agency in North Florida and, when I retired, I had over 4,000 Homeowners
policies in my Killearn Agency. I have a whole lot of experience in Real Estate, home and
commercial, and knowing what makes a successful real estate investment.
During those 25 years, I dealt with literally hundreds of different Realtors and Real Estate
Brokers who always interfaced with my Agency, and their needed follow through to see that
the sale went on to closing. They also would run interference for their clients and get
insurance quotes to help in the process. They would also give insurance advice and direction
about valuable key points, about the mandatory Insurance binder, needed for the closing. It
was a very important relationship for all parties concerned.
Bonnie became one of my many favorites as I interacted with her on many insurance
transactions, both as a Listing Agent and a Selling Agent. On several occasions she would
meet me at the location to discuss insurance related matters including asking my views on
improvements or selling requirements she wanted to recommend to her clients. She is a pro
and knew how to use her resources for her clients’ benefit. Please pay attention to this point
that is often not realized, when the listing is being discussed. Know that everyone will tell
you, “that they really care, and will do what is necessary during the process.” But you never
know about everything you will go thru until you sit at a closing, with the more than usual…
“I never knew it would be this complex”… “Didn’t see that one Coming”… “No one went
over the pickiness of the Home Inspection, and what can result from that survey”… “Staging
the house and all the little things that sell houses and motivate buyers,” etc., etc., etc.
Bonnie Fowler is EXTREMELY responsive and responsible in everything she does and every
part of the process. I would imagine by this time, in her career, that 90% of her transactions
are referral related. Happy Clients. I am just going to be another one with a
recommendation letter, but here is my experience both as a State Farm Agent and now as a
client who chose Bonnie to do 100% of the work I needed to sell my home, when it sold last
year. Consider this:

1) I knew dozens of well qualified Realtors to choose from.
2) I interviewed my top choices, but called Bonnie first… It’s fine and advisable to interview
as many Realtors as you decide to … in fact, I know Bonnie would tell you to follow thru on
interviewing other Realtors, and you can “openly” discuss this with her. A feature many
Realtors would find threatening or become defensive about Tell her “Everything.” She is
already very successful, and she cares more about you being comfortable than getting a
listing or making a sale.
3) Availability: Bonnie is a true 24/7 hands on Realtor. Every time I’ve ever called her, texted
her or Emailed her, she has directly answered her phone (a rarity these days), or texted me
back almost immediately. She’s on top of it.
4) You get no nonsense straight talk 100% of the time. She is appropriately confident and
always put my best interests as the priority in her feedback, even if it’s news I didn’t want to
hear about my reality.
5) She knows how to get things done, and has an arsenal of subcontractors at her
immediate calling, eager and ready to extend her “Go getter attitude” if they want to get
other referrals from her.
6) She loves what she does (Again, I ask you to put his last point, at the very top of what you
want in any professional you deal with).

So, in closing. When I was moving from Tallahassee to my new home near my Grandkids in
North Carolina … I chose Bonnie Fowler as my listing Agent. She followed through on every
point I’ve made listed above. Because I moved before the sale was completed, Bonnie did
dozens of thing needed that I certainly could not have done being in another state. She
even met contractors at the house for me, relieving me of those duties and watched my
pocketbook with the many things that had to be remedied from the Home Inspection
punch list. She was extraordinary in every phase. She was flattered that I chose her, but in
reality … she’d won the job during those 25 years in as a State Farm career, dealing with
over 4,000 buy/sell transactions, way before I’d even know I’d be moving after my
When you interview Bonnie … Ask her to tell you about her most memorable experience
with me as a State Farm Agent, applying a Bonnie Fowler principal of doing “whatever it
takes” to make the client the centre of the Real Estate sales priorities. I am writing this
because I’m on a mission in my life to see that qualified people, like Bonnie Fowler, get the
praise and recognition they deserve in life and make it easier for others to benefit from her
professional services, like I did. Just sharing my 25 years of experience with you. I’m
available to take a call or text from anyone who wants to hear from me on the subject of
your choice in Realtors. And “No” Bonnie is NOT a family relative of mine.

Tom Graham

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