Before Spring is in Full Swing: 5 Backyard Chores

  1.  Before the Wasps, Bees, and Mosquitoes move in for the Summer, start protecting your house. Seal any openings or cracks around your home and deck areas to prevent intruders! Spray or put out deterring plants like basil, lavender, and peppermint to keep mosquitoes, spiders, and other critters from coming too close.
  2. Make Sure your Lawn Care Tools are Ready to Go. Sharpen your blades, and make sure you have the oil and gas to keep your machines running smoothly.
  3. Have your A/C serviced or at least get it running, so when the heatwave hits, you’re not stuck sweating bullets!! A lot of companies offer a plan with biannual visits, so you never have to worry about finding a quality professional when something goes wrong. 
  4. Take a Peek at your Attic/Garage/Basement. Before it gets too hot outside, check out those storage spaces you don’t visit often. Look for signs of new animal tenants, and make sure all stored items are locked tight.
  5. Make Sure Forgotten Items like Birdfeeders, Mailboxes, and Gardenhoses get a nice cleaning as well. While it doesn’t need to be done often, keeping these items clean promotes curb appeal and a happy yard!


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