3 Ways to Get Instant Curb Appeal

3 Ways to Get Instant Curb Appeal

November 4, 2019

From landscaping to exterior finishes, there are plenty of ways to make your listing a standout in curb appeal. Houzz, a home remodeling website, recently showed off a few high-impact ways to boost a home’s exterior aesthetic.

Paint the front door. Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door, which is what potential buyers will be seeing first. Also, consider an entirely new color for the front door to get attention. Black is a trending color.


Add some dramatic lighting. New lighting can instantly transform a space, and the outside lighting is no exception. Try a new overhead light above the front door to add ambiance to the front porch. Path lights or new sconces can also make an impact.


Swap out the railings. The railings can be a way to make a home look more modern. “It doesn’t necessarily have to match the style of your house, as eclectic-style homes are the norm these days,” Houzz notes in its article.

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