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Not too long ago relocation was less complicated. If you decided to move to a new area, or were part of Corporate America and were transferred, or were part of the military and were being given new orders, or if you were retiring to a better climate or location, in most parts of the country values were up or stable, equity was real, financing did not require an MBA, and, in general, choices were simpler.

Nowadays, selling your old house and finding suitable housing in a new area is not so easy.
There are issues of new financing, community and lifestyle, schools, activities, commute time, jobs for trailing spouse, regional changes in cost of living, and dealing long distance with a REALTOR® you hardly know.

  • How do you trust your home to a voice on the other end of the phone, or e-mail?
  • How do you select a new community when you've never been in the county or city before?
  • How do you select a REALTOR® to help you when the timeclock is working against you?

Sound like a job for a Superhero? No, but it is a job for a trained Relocation Specialist from Armor Realty of Tallahassee. Our REALTORS® work with relocating families or individuals with the understanding of the true meaning of what it means to help someone learn about a new area, county, state, territory, or country. Even the names of the different styles of homes can be different. Schools may need to be visited. Golf courses, tennis courts, and swimming pools may need to be tested. This can be serious, time consuming work.

Our highly motivated, trained Relocation Specialists know what questions to ask before you ever get to town, so that they can begin the education process by e-mail, phone, mail, or whatever it takes. Our REALTORS® who work in relocation have a special kind of empathy because they understand that relocation is a major life change. Armor Realty of Tallahassee Relocation Specialists make it easier.

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