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Jan Anderson

About Jan Anderson

Jan's love of people, real estate, and organizing has brought her to a career as a Realtor and a certified KonMari Organizing Consultant (www.konmari.com).

A native Floridian, Jan graduated from high school in Taylor County and went on to finish graduate school at Florida State University. Her first career field was in education as a high school and middle school guidance counselor. Along the way she raised a family (two sons, now in their 20’s).

Jan’s strengths lie in her ability to negotiate and her attention for detail. Her strengths fall in line with Armor Realty’s mission statement, “To exceed customer’s expectations in every transaction.” She will be happy to work with you to meet your real estate needs from the coastline to the capital city.



$ 29,500.00
0 Sq Ft
0 Bedroom / Bathroom
317 Plantation
Perry FL 32348
$ 29,000.00
0 Sq Ft
0 Bedroom / Bathroom
Perry FL 32348
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